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Affirmative Action & Employment Investigation

The constant evolution of employment law in the workplace creates challenges for both management and employees. Flanagan, Barone & O’Brien’s (f/k/a Purcell, Mulcahy & Flanagan) Affirmative Action and Employment Investigation team works closely with public entity, corporate and small business clients to provide comprehensive and efficient investigations in all areas of employment relations. Our team of investigators includes seasoned employment lawyers who have represented both public and private employers and employees. One of our attorneys is certified as an ATIXA, Level Two Civil Rights Investigator. The Firm, in both policy and practice, provides opportunities for professional success to people of diverse backgrounds. Our professionals have significant experience practicing in New Jersey State courts in all 21 counties, United States District Court of New Jersey and in administrative forums including the Department of Education, the Office of Administrative Law, the EEOC and the DCR. Our attorneys also have extensive experience practicing in administrative law forums, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and Division of Civil Rights (“DCR”) in matters involving claims of employment discrimination, the Public Employment Relations Commission defending arbitrations and Unfair Labor petitions. Our varied employment law experience gives us an advantage in understanding the dynamic between management and employee relations. We pride ourselves on providing prompt investigatory services so that employers can make appropriate decisions to avoid further disputes or litigation.

Our services include:

  • Affirmative Action Investigation
  • Employment Handbook based Investigation
  • Grievance Investigations
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Investigation
  • Labor Relations Investigations
  • Alcohol or Cannabis Use Investigations/li>
  • Public Entity policy Investigations